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So why Learn Drums with Max?

Max has been teaching drums for over 8 years.

Max has real life experience performing with top artists around the world. Just take a look at the videos section to see some of the bands he has played with. He doesn't just know how to play the drums, he also knows how to make a career out of it too.

Enjoy a drum lesson in a amazingly equipped studio using 2 drum kits.
There are no noise restrictions here!

Have your performances professionally recorded and edited. These videos not only get the student really motivated, by giving them something to focus on, they can become treasured memories for family and friends. Potential ambitious drummers who want to go on to become professional can also use this material to form part of a CV.

Enjoy free instructional videos on the website. These videos are specifically designed to assist current students. Forget something from last weeks lesson? Chances are there's a video covering it!

Drum Lesson Costs

Price list

  • 30 min lesson
  • 45 min lesson
  • 1 hour lesson
  • £16
  • £25
  • £30
  • Standard video
  • Standard+ video
  • Deluxe video
  • £15
  • £25
  • £30
  • Standard : straight-forward setup with single camera.
  • Standard+ : multiple camera angles and video edit.
  • Deluxe : multiple camera angles and microphones on the drum kit. This requires several hours editing and mixing to create.

Videos are issued in DVD format, and with permission, particularly good performances will be added to the MaxOnDrums youtube channel.

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