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AWESome drum cover video update!

Its been a long time since I have put up a post. Don’t worry Im still alive. Life has been extremely busy as always! I have an epic drum cover to show you by Alex performing the song “Scared To Death” by the Titanic band Cancer Bats. Alex shared the video on the bands Facebook page and they so impressed they shared it! The video has hit nearly 700 views in less than 24 hours! The end of the video is hilarious! Well done Alex!

Drum Lessons Tonbridge

A new video update!

Here is a drum cover from one of Max’s students Dom playing to the mighty At The Drive In

For more videos head over to

Performance Video from Jack!

Here’s my student Jack with a drum cover of System of a Down – Chop Suey! Another great performance by him and there will be more to come! Nice work Jack!

Check out his last performance video of Blink 182 – All the small things here:

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August student of the month is in!

Looking for a Drum Tutor or drum lessons based in Kent, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge or Sevenoaks area? Look no further! Check out this amazing performance from one of my students!

Alex is here once again with a faultless drum cover, this time its The Arctic Monkeys – Brianstorm.

Alex is a one man drumming MACHINE and any local bands looking for a drummer, look no further! If you need any more convincing just check out the video.

Drum Teacher Crowborough

Hot off the press is another performance video by one of my younger students Jack. Jack comes from Crowborough, Kent. This is his first video and a great performance! Well done Jack!

Feb Student of the month! Dave performing blink 182 “Here’s Your Letter

Here we have it! 2013′s student of the month award goes to Dave. This was a stunning performance by him. A pretty much note perfect rendition of the song here guys and gals.

Dave is from Crowborough kent and has had drum tuition from me for a long time now! going back to 2003 we both reckon.

You DONT want to miss this one if your a blink fan! Enjoy!

(one thing that needs to be mentioned. This video is not currently watchable on mobile and tablet devices. I am working on getting this resolved with youtube.)

Do you live in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Chrowborough or anywhere else in kent? Would you like drum lessons? hit the contact page now!

Stick spinning skills from Josh!

one of my students has a important drum recital tomorrow at his school.

He is playing a grade piece in front of the whole school including parents.

This piece is also graded for his A levels. We are currently working out where to spin his sticks and in what way.

Hes gonna kick its arse tomorrow!

You won’t need it, but best of luck Josh!

OCTOBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH AGAIN! another must see video!

This is a rare occurrence! 2 student of the month awards? I know I already gave Alex the October 2012 student of the month award, but this is such an exceptional performance I had to give this to Jack too! Well done to both of you!

THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO! Jack is one of my older students who drums for the awesome band CITIES. Jack lives near Tonbridge, Kent. Here he is performing one of the bands singles that is available as a free download from If you like the song go grab it for FREE!

This is an amazing pro performance. Bucket loads of passion in this video. He sure likes to hit hard, you can see his crash cymbals warping under fire! This is a good one guys!

Well done Jack!

Performance Video by George playing Blink 182 (stay together for the kids)

Here we have another performance video from George playing along to Blink 182. George is from Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The song is called “Stay Together For The Kids.”

If you compare this performance to George’s old video a couple of months old, You will see a really steady curve of improvement throughout his playing.

Well done George!

October Student Of The Month, Alex playing the Foo Fighters (everlong)

here we have it! october’s student of the month is Alex near Tonbridge, Kent. This really is a note perfect performance, Alex makes literally no mistakes and puts on a great show while playing this song. A really impressive effort. The timing is ROCK SOLID!

Alex has just started at BIMM, so best of luck to him!

Well done Alex!